The yoga industry has become quite the bustling scene of trendy yoga leggings, designer yoga mats, and handcrafted jewelry. There are tons of yoga pants on the market today. It may seem like they are all the same, but there are features that some brands have that others don’t. There are many different brands out there and sorting through them all trying to figure out which ones are durable, made well, comfortable and sized right can be quite a challenge. Now it’s time for me to make a yoga pants review. Lululemon’s workout pants is 108£ per pair, they seem awfully spendy for a staple that’s just meant to get sweaty, so I’ve tried the Lapasa Women’s Slimming Leggings (

Super comfortable hug around the calves, those pants also suitable for relaxing pre and post yoga. Comfort is always my top priority, and the Lapasa pants pass my critical comfort and performance tests, all while providing fantastic style, on and off the mat. Those slimming leggings are made to hold your body tight for a fast workout recovery therefore feel/run a size smaller, they are very lightweight and they don’t show any sweat. Thoe yoga pants are made by 88% polyester and 12% elastane fabric, they are designed to stays put during exercise, these pants won’t ride up or fall down. You won’t be pulling and tugging on these during your workouts because they won’t ride up, fall down or dig into your skin so much they leave indentations. They are very minimal in design which means that you can wear then for exercise, work or at home. The color is good and hasn’t faded at all despite numerous washes and wear.

There is also a little secret to avoid you feeling bad on bringing a bad inside the gym to keep your keys. There is waistband hidden pocket that offers a secure place to stash cards or keys.

I really think those yoga pants are a great value and they come with a price as small as 12.45£. I did receive mine quickly from Amazon. I have Amazon Prime and these are ready to be shipped out from Amazon’s warehouse. So if you have a Prime Membership you will receive them in 2 days with free shipping. Finding the right pair of yoga pants for you is like finding the perfect little black dress: it takes time and lots of looking! I would definitely say that I’ve found my little black dress with those yoga pants from Lapasa. And now you talk.  What are you more drawn toward when it comes to yoga pants – color, design, fabric, fit? What’s important to you? What is your favorite brand and why? Let us know!

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