The emerging pick up artist culture has a lot to answer for, a lot! Aside from the quite frankly, bemusing approach to how to communicate with a woman it is the belief that by dressing in a showy manner men instantly become more attractive. Referred to as pea cocking, named for its inspiration from the flashy way a peacock attracts a mate. It’s high time someone explained to all the guys out there that less is more, especially when it comes to fashion – less is more.

Keeping it Simple

It is true that females are programmed to respond to certain cues from males. However, scientific fact or not, it cannot detract from the fact that if a guy is wearing more bling than me and he isn’t a well-known rapper, he runs more risk of me laughing at him than fawning over him. So if it is all down to a science, hormones and impulse responses why is less more? Why isn’t the guy in the bedazzled leather jacket more attractive than his twin brother in the jeans and T-shirt?

Perhaps it’s the boy next door thing or a sense of trustworthiness, but there is something undeniably hot about a guy in a simple, well-designed, good-quality T-shirt. Have a look for yourself at this fashion blog post debating the ability of a great jeans and T-shirt combo to make a guy hot or not. Taking a bit of a punt here I’d guess that most women would opt for hot – even if they were just talking about the outfit (everyone has different tastes after all). So, if keeping it simple in jeans and a great T-shirt can help you up your game – where do you start?

Forget the Jeans – Its All in the T-shirt

For such a standard item of clothing men really do seem to have a love affair with the T-shirt and in general, they do get their T-shirt selection right. T-shirts worn for sporting events don’t count – always baggy and unflattering even one of the guys off the cover of Men’s Health magazine would struggle to make them look good. And any T-shirt that forms part of a uniform doesn’t count either for the same reasons. But to look hot, to stand out (in a good, non ‘peacocking’ way) the T-shirt needs to be better than right – it needs to be perfect. Also you can get your custom logo digitized by getting in touch with a leading digitizing services provider in your area.

To find the perfect T-shirt you need to find the perfect fit, what suits your body and what suits your style. Educate yourself on fit and style with a style guide like this one that will help you figure out your v-necks from your crew necks, and your polo shirts from your breton. Colour is another consideration. White is, of course a classic colour for T-shirts, but with the wide variety of colours, patterns and prints now available there is every reason to experiment with a bold colour or stripes. When you get your perfect T-shirt fit, style and colour make sure you wear it with confidence – women love a confident guy, and a confident guy in a great T-shirt? Now we’re talking!

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