Men’s rugby shirts found at Austin Reed offer a great combination of luxury and style. They are a form of casualwear that are comfortable and warm while also being practical and allow room for movement. They have been worn for many years by professional and amateur rugby players alike and, while a number of design features have changed, the basic premise of the rugby shirt has remained the same ever since its release.


Rugby shirts can have either short or long sleeves and you should choose depending on your own preference as well as the season in which you are most likely to wear them. Rugby shirts should not be worn with any other top underneath or over the top so, for winter wear, a long-sleeved top can prove a highly beneficial option.


More recently, rugby players have donned tight-fitting shirts made from lighter materials and with a rounded, collarless design. These are not yet as popular as the traditional rugby shirt style for casualwear and the casual rugby shirt looks very similar to a golf shirt or tennis shirt except that it has a stiffer collar. Choose from a great selection of designs and styles, as well as labels and names.