As a police officer, you are tasked with the great responsibility of enforcing law and order and protecting the public from crime. Police uniforms symbolize authority and are instantly recognizable from a distance; warding off criminals and providing reassurance to civilians wherever they are seen.In order to be able to perform your duties with maximum efficiency and to present a respectable, authoritative presence, it is vital that your uniforms and police gear are top quality and well maintained. Therefore you should always aim to buy your gear from a certified, top-notch supplier. As a responsible law enforcement officer, you cannot afford to let either yourself or the public down by making the wrong uniform and tactical gear choices.

Faced with numerous brands, labels, and items available these days, it can be difficult to know which equipment supply company to choose from. In today’s fast-paced digital era, many police officers find that they can get the best deals online; saving them the time and hassle of having to traipse around numerous department stores. In many ways it is now easier to find a quality, durable regalia on the internet than it is at a store, not to mention better value for money. All law enforcement officials require a complicated kit that consists of many different elements, and one of the great things about buying from a quality online store is that you can get all of these in one place.

Stokes International offer a wealth of knowledge about law enforcement equipment and stock a huge variety of quality tactical gear, police uniforms and security badges. You can find all the quality gear you need at a great price and it is guaranteed to last. With almost 60 years of experience providing gear to the Canadian police and fire departments, Stokes International tactical gear is designed to withstand the elements. It is easy to customize your gear on the Stokes website and save your order history for repeat orders. They provide useful videos and diagrams showing you exactly how to customize and place orders, and measure your uniforms, hats and police gloves. If you have any questions or need any assistance, you can always call one of their helpful customer service representatives who will help you assemble your order.

You should never compromise when choosing your police uniform and tactical gear, it may be tempting to go for bargain basement discounts or trendy labels; but in the end you want quality durable gear that will assist and protect you during your duties. Always check the specifications for each item you buy, from your shoes to police belt, and ensure that information is provided about materials, usage and size. These days there are a number of tactical gear brands to choose from, but we advise that you stick to the most trusted and quality brands rather than take any chances. Find out more on the Stokes International website, the recommended online store for Canadian law enforcement officers:

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