Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s twins, Knox and Vivienne, are about to celebrate their 5th birthday. Although their breastfeeding days are long behind them, Angelina has spoken about how much she enjoyed nursing the twins, no matter how hectic life became!

In a home with 6 children, Angelina said she managed the chaos by breastfeeding both of her twins at the same time. “They eat every three hours and I’m getting better at holding them both for feeding at the same time, so that helps.” She said. “Usually, the other kids come in and hold them when they finish. They help with the baths and the changing.” Brad added, “We try to get them to eat simultaneously for the sake of management, but it gets a little crowded at the bar!”

Although it’s likely that Angelina got a lot of professional help when it came to breastfeeding her twins at the same time, it is something that every mother of twins can do to help manage her time while bonding with her children. Mothers who would like to breastfeed their twins should make sure they have some comfortable nursing wear in their wardrobes; it makes feeding them both at the same time much simpler. Breastfeeding clothes allow for quick as easy access to the breasts, so mothers can easily and discreetly breastfeed both their twins at the same time. Breastfeeding twins can take a while to master. Mother’s shouldn’t feel despondent if they can’t do it straight away. Practice makes perfect!

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