There are lots of reasons to send e-cards as opposed to real paper cards: they’re cheaper, more convenient and they can be customised. Many of the benefits are also great for the environment. With the environment a very topical important issue, business holiday cards can form a small but significant part of your overall green strategy.

Less paper wastage is something all businesses should aspire too. Paper is still an important part of the modern office, however, it is no longer the medium of choice. Instead, digital communication is paving the way forward. One aspect of your less paper dependent office might be a move to e-cards such as business Christmas e-cards.

Anything you do as a business conveys a message. If you’re truly committed to helping the environment then you can convey this through the things that you do. Even a small change like sending e-cards can help convey the message that you’re truly committed to the environment.

You can send lots and lots of e-cards within just a couple of clicks. No franking of envelopes, no postman, no letterbox – instead the whole marketing activity can be completed very simply, across the board by just one person. This streamlining of resources is obviously a boon for businesses of all kinds.

So, the moral of the story is that if your business wants to be greener it should consider using e-cards for B2C correspondence.

Content is written by Austin Kohli

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