In retail, the shop floor is where the magic happens. No matter how chaotic your business is “behind the scenes” as long as your customers are happy within the retail environment, that’s what really matters. Of course, a chaotic stockroom is a bad thing, and will negatively affect your business in all sorts of different ways; however, the shop floor is what really matters.

With this in mind, whilst your stockroom needs to be tidy, your shop floors needs to be pristine; where your stockroom needs to be organized, your shop floors needs to be set up in such a way as to facilitate the sale of items. This is all very logical, however too many retailers have shop floors that simply don’t work.

As visual animals, your shop-floor needs to be display-heavy. People shop with their eyes (as well as their credit cards) and so no matter how large or small your business is you need to concentrate on aesthetics. A better shop floors aesthetic can be achieved with the right shop display equipment, such as glass shop cabinets.

The perfect display for your shop floor will demand largely on what you sell, as well as how people perceive your brand. If, for example, you sell affordable items, then it probably won’t make sense to make your shop-floor into something decadent and luxurious.

People enter shops with various preconceptions, and one of the secrets to great shop design is to understand and play to these preconceptions.

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