When you think of takeaway you probably think of the big three: pizza, Indian and Chinese. If you’re lucky enough to live in London, you’ll be aware that takeaway culture is a lot more diverse than this. In order for a food to qualify as a takeaway, all a cuisine has to be is great tasting, transportable, and relatively quick to produce.

Here’s a sample of the new wave of takeaway restaurants:
Delivery of sushi makes a lot of sense when you think about it. Sushi is the ultimate convenience food. It’s extremely tasty, quick to produce, and perhaps most uniquely it’s very healthy. There’s something glamorous about sushi, and it proves that takeaway doesn’t have to be “cheap” food.

Thai food is also very popular, and it’s very nearly a mainstream takeaway. It’s worth a mention because it proves that curries are don’t just come from India. A red or green Thai curry is both delicious and the ideal candidate for a takeaway menu.

Greek and Turkish. When you think of Turkish food you might think of a Kebab. Kebabs don’t have the best reputation, however, a good kebab can be not only extremely delicious but very healthy and exotic. Turkish and Greek cuisine is extremely rich in dishes, including everything from grilled halloumi to kleftiko.

The moral of the story is that next time you have a hankering for a takeaway why not consider something like Sushi delivery in London instead of the same old food?

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