Biker boots are a vital piece of kit, yet it’s amazing how often they are left last on a rider’s kit list, or forgotten altogether. Now bikes are being urged to ensure that the footwear they buy complies with the European Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Directive. Any item of rider gear, including motorbike boots, claiming to offer protection must meet the requirements of this legislation, and bear a fixed CE (Conformite European) label. This should also give the number of the Standard. In the case of footwear, this is CE EN 13634.

Motorcycle boots undergo rigorous testing. Boot soles are tested for rigidity, abrasion resistance is examined, and cleat depth is also looked at to be sure it reaches the minimum safety standard.

Equally, the bond between the boot’s sole and upper part will be inspected for integrity. There is also a minimum boot height of 16cms. The upper boot is put through water absorbency testing.

So the message is clear – check that your boots reach the minimum legal standards and have undergone proper testing or you could risk far more serious foot injuries in the event of an accident.

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