Shakespeare is widely regarding as one of the biggest and brightest geniuses of all time. He’s certainly considered the best writer of all time, admired by everyone from royalty to other writers, (Alfred Lord Tennyson reportedly passed away with his hand on a copy of Shakespeare’s Complete Works.) But why is it that Shakespeare shines so brightly, amongst so many other literary stars?

He was a playwright

Shakespearea didn’t just write poems or stories, he wrote plays. The play breathes life into words, and this was one of Shakespeare’s great skills. Like Prospero in the Tempest Shakespeare could bring people to life with his magic words. So, not only are you getting amazing language, but you’re getting so much more with a
Shakespeare play, reality.

He invented lots of words and expressions

One of the most amazing things about Shakespeare is the effect he had on the English language. He invented all sorts of words, insults and expressions, many of which are widely used today. For example, he was responsible for commonplace words like addiction, bet, blushing, radiance, epileptic. He also invented expressions like “all that glitters is not gold.”It’s reckoned Shakespeare invented roughly 1700 words.

Influence on other writers

No writer around the world has neared Shakespeare’s genius, however many, many writers have been influenced by his genius. He’s just as relevant as he ever was today, and forms a key part in The National Curriculum. Shakespeare’s works are readily available, and you can get lots of Shakespeare used books and cheap used books online.

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