Public liability insurance is a type of business insurance that has been designed for the small business owners and self-employed to protect them in a financial crisis caused due to the claim made by clients, third party and members of the public. There are specific insurance plans for each and every professional from builders to beauty therapists in public liability insurance. Each and every insurance plan which has been made for the self-employed person is different on the basis of risk involvement, size of business, experience, and qualification of the professional and reputation the business etc.

The public liability insurance has been known by a different name, according to the profession. For the beauty therapist, it has been named as salon saver beauty insurance.

Why one need the salon saver beauty insurance?

The concept of insurance was introduced to minimize the risk and help the insurer in the time of financial crises by taking some annual fee against those unforeseeable crises. Same like that, the professionals which have some sort of risk to get sued by the member of the public need to consider purchasing insurance. Being a self-employed beauty therapist is also a risky business. It is risky because its involved chemicals, sharp tools and the chances of mistakes are high. That’s why the self-employed beauty therapist needs this insurance in the UK.

Whether one should purchase the insurance plan or not depends on the level of risk involved. For example, from where the therapist works, home, mobile or own a salon etc. Each of these places has the different level of the risk and this helps the beauty therapist to decide that which insurance plan will be more suitable for him.

How much liability insurance for a beauty therapist cost?

The cost of the salon saver insurance UK depends on the number of different factors. The most important among all is the number and type of treatment the therapist is offering to the general public. Each and every treatment has a different risk. That’s why the cost of the insurance which has been the offer to two different people may differ in the term of cost.

The cost also depends on the number of customers, reputation of the business and the history of the therapist. If the clients of the therapist have made claims in past, then the price of insurance automatically increase where the therapist with good history usually get the insurance at the cheaper price.

Generally, the liability insurance for a beauty therapist starts from £50 a year. But this is not the fixed amount. It could be increased and high on the nature of factors which I have discussed above.

What to look for on insurance plan?

Price is not the only thing but the type of coverage. The insurance company should offer insurance plans for the beauty treatments which you offer to the people. Asked about the percentage of coverage which the insurance companies provide in time of need. You must also look for the strict terms of the insurance company. It is not necessary that they offer what they have written in their policy so look for the hidden charges as well and talk about them openly before investing money in an insurance plan.

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