A family-run business, Best Sunbed Ltd first opened its doors in 1998. Back then they were mainly a chain of tanning salons operating in Germany and Poland. They quickly evolved into tanning bed specialists and currently operate throughout the entire UK.

What can you expect from them?

Leasing/renting/ purchasing of commercial sunbeds and other commercial equipment necessary for a tanning salon.

They also offer maintenance services and repairs services for commercial sunbeds.

They offer a wide range of tanning consumables such as tanning creams and other skin care items.

They stock various kinds of commercial UV lamps from a range of suppliers.

They can modify commercial sunbeds suited to the clients’ needs. 

Why choose Best Sunbeds?

Best Sunbed ensure the best prices for their clients by establishing direct channels with manufacturers of sunbeds. They have done this by establishing connections with the exclusive distributor of post-lease sunbed and direct importation of the sunbeds from Germany. This direct supply allows them to beat the prices of their competitors in the market.

Best Sunbeds are known for their customer care services and like to add value to businesses in the tanning salon industry. Therefore, Best Sunbeds partners up with many salons to ensure a prompt supply of quality sunbed.

Best Sunbeds is dedicated to the health and safety of the clients and those who use the sunbeds. They can award certificates of compliance to tanning salons. They have a vast knowledge of how to use the equipment safely and offer advice to tanning salons.

Placing orders for Best Sunbed products

Best Sunbed have a very user-friendly website. There one can make orders easily as well as read up a bit about the business. The order process is typical of the world of online shopping. You choose an item and proceed to an online shopping cart where you can enter any voucher numbers.

There are various payment methods (including PayPal checkout) and you will need to open an account to make any purchases online. You can do this by filling in a few online forms. Online payment is secured through PayPal and Global Payment giving the customer peace of mind.

Those using the website can also make orders to lease or rent commercial sunbed. Customers can apply online to lease a commercial sunbed. The same goes for renting commercial sunbeds, however, the choice of sunbeds for a rental is capped at 5 types.

There is an alternative for those who do not wish to use the website to make a payment.  One can phone in and place an order and the contact numbers can be found on the website. Alternatively, one can email the sales department and place an order through them. The email address can be found on their website. 

Get Advice from Best Sunbeds

Best Sunbeds offers consultation services to tanning salons. Clients can contact them via the customer services contact number and email address which is located on their website under customer care services.

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